Atlas Fallen Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass, It’s Claimed

Atlas Fallen Xbox Game Pass

Nearly a year after it first launched, Atlas Fallen could finally be coming to Xbox Game Pass.

According to a new claim from eXtas1s, the game is set to be announced “soon” as a new addition to the service. No other details on when that could be were revealed.

Insider Gaming has yet to independently verify the claim, so take this with a grain of salt until it becomes official.

Launched in August 2023, Atlas Fallen is currently available for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The game currently sits with a 64 on Metacritic for a “Mixed or Average” response from players.

The game is a third-person action role-playing title from Deck13 Interactive and Focus Entertainment. It features an open world with multiple regions for players to explore and gameplay that allows the player to manipulate sand using an ancient gauntlet. It also lets you play solo or co-op with another player.

“Rise from the dust and liberate mankind from the oppression of a corrupted god,” the game’s description reads. “Glide the sands of a timeless land, filled with ancient dangers, mysteries and fragments of the past. Hunt legendary monsters, using powerful, shape-shifting weapons and devastating sand-powered abilities in spectacular, super-powered combat.”

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