A New Call of Duty ‘Black Ops’ Logo has Been Spotted

black ops

A new logo for Call of Duty Black Ops has been spotted ahead of this year’s impending launch.

The new logo can be spotted on the official Call of Duty koto website, in which you can see the logo as a part of a new hoodie design. While the logo is somewhat difficult to see because of the creases in the hoody, it has been recreated by Legitimategamerz on Twitter.

The new logo reflects a slight change of rebranding that the Call of Duty franchise has taken recently, which also saw its main logo be overhauled.

Insider Gaming learned last year that this year’s Call of Duty will be based on the Gulf War and as such named ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops Gulf War‘.

Insider Gaming understands that the new game will be taking a slightly different approach to its campaign, with an open world. The campaign side of the game will be developed by Raven Software, with multiplayer and zombies being handled by Treyarch Games – the lead developer of the Black Ops series.

It’s unclear when the game will officially be revealed, but it’s expected to be sometime this summer to coincide with past reveals.

Call of Duty 2025, codenamed Saturn, is understood to follow a similar strategy to 2023’s Modern Warfare 3, where it will build on the foundations of the past game (in this case Gulf War).

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