Starfield Shattered Space Expansion Could Be Revealed Soon

starfield shattered space

Since Starfield was released in September 2023, its player count has been steadily winding down. On platforms like Steam, Starfield is now on par (or has fallen below) with the likes of Fallout 4 and Skyrim. For the most part, fans of Bethesda’s space-faring RPG are waiting patiently for news of the game’s first major expansion, Shattered Space.

Those who purchased the ‘higher editions’ of Starfield already have access to Shattered Space, which was named before Starfield was even released. However, we’re now almost seven months after the launch of Starfield and nobody is any the wiser about Shattered Space.

That might be about to change.

We Can Hope

It’s a small suggestion, but it’s a suggestion nonetheless. Recently, it was discovered through SteamDB that Starfield’s listing on the platform had been updated to show an ‘unknown app’ in the game’s DLC section. This is a new addition to the game’s metadata – but it’s not known what that change indicates.

To put that into perspective, accessing the same section on SteamDB for Fallout 4 reveals a list of the game’s downloadable content, including Nuka-World and the Vault-Tec Workshop.

It could suggest that something is coming soon that Bethesda Game Studios is preparing for but wants to keep quiet for now.

SteamDB is a treasure trove for tidbits like this, as the inherent transparency of the platform makes it impossible for anything to remain hidden. It’s the first indicator that we have of something ‘extra’ coming to Starfield, we just can’t tell yet if that’s Shattered Space or a smaller, less significant piece of DLC.

In the coming months, Bethesda is opening up the Creation Kit to modders and (at some point) bringing the first major expansion into the somewhat barren landscape of the biggest game it has ever created. Some are arguing that it’s too little, too late, but it’s sure to bring vast swathes of players back to the game when something is released.

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