New ARC Raiders Gameplay Leak Emerges From Playtest

arc raiders gameplay leak

On Reddit, another file has surfaced containing a few minutes of leaked gameplay from ARC Raiders (in closed testing now), the in-development extraction shooter from Embark Studios, the creators of The Finals. It was uploaded by one ‘Fart Raider’, who attempted to hide traces of their identity by blurring out identifiers that would allow Embark to know exactly who they are and perhaps trying to punish them for breaking the NDA that they surely signed ahead of the test.

ARC Raiders Looks Good, But Will It Deliver?

In the short video that’s still online at the time of writing, we see the player – Fart Raider – loot a gas station, take off across open scrubland, explore a little, and then fiddle around with their inventory. It’s not much, as far as leaks go, but each new snippet seems to reveal a constantly improving platform.

ARC Raiders looks very nice in UE5, and everything from the environment to the lighting is clean, even for a game that’s as unfinished as this one. In earlier leaks, we saw combat, and that too looks quite satisfying.

If there’s one issue, it’s that every game that has surfaced in the extraction shooter realm – except for Escape From Tarkov, the spearhead game – has ultimately succumbed to an implosion not long after launch, or failed to gain much traction. There are no ‘solid’ contenders to Tarkov, which holds the monopoly on the niche, but perhaps ARC Raiders can challenge that paradigm.

Do you think ARC Raiders will deliver as a PvPvE title?

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  1. I really liked the look of this when it was first revealed and I’m looking forward to trying it when it comes out finally.

  2. I was in the first alpha and it was rough, you don’t see combat in that video but unless its been improved it very much feels like a PvE title and engine being shoehorned into the PvPvE extraction mold. There was a lack of precision that is a detriment in a PvP title. I was excited for this but with the move to the PvPvE Extraction I’m still keeping an eye on the game but it went from one of my most anticipated to “meh, maybe if they super turn it around form what was in the alpha but I doubt they’ll be able to without a LOT of dev time”

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