New Age of Empires 2 DLC Leaked

new Age of Empires 2 DLC

Age of Empires 2 is set to get new DLC, according to a new leak online.

In what appears to be an earlier-than-intended store posting, Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition is getting a new DLC pack called “The Mountain Royals”.

“Prepare to embark on a legendary journey as we introduce the “The Mountain Royals” DLC for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition,” the description reads. “Unlock the rich history and untold stories of the Armenians and the Georgians, part of three new campaigns!”

With the new DLC pack, players will get two new civilizations: the Armenians and the Georgians.

The Armenians’ unique units are Composite Bowman, a unit “capable of piercing even the sturdiest armor” and the Warrior Priest, “an infantry unit that can fight and heal allied units”.

Georgians get the Monaspa, a calvary unit where its strength is increased the more you have of them.

As far as the three new campaigns, they are Tamar’s Ascension, Thoros The Great, and Ismail. You can read the details below, courtesy of the store listing.

Tamar’s Ascension:
Brought up on stories of David the Builder, the young and imprisoned Tamar ascends her great-grandfather’s thrown with elaborate plans for her busting kingdom. However, she quickly finds out that wielding such power is more than a simple matter of birthright. Can Georgia’s first queen overcome her skeptics and leave an imprint to endure well beyond her lifetime?

Thoros The Great:
The tiny kingdom of Civilian Armenia lies between hostile empires, it’s ruling family in Byzantine captivity. When Prince Thoros escapes, he embarks on a dangerous campaign to liberate his homeland, but the vengeful Byzantines are not his only foes. The Seljik Turks covet the region as well, and a ruthless Frankish crusader is pursuing his own schemes to the south.

The orphaned prodigy Ismail leads the mysterious Safavid Order through war-torn Persia! Will this charismatic visionary lay the groundwork for one of the most illustrious empires of the Islamic world, or will his delusions of grandeur be his ultimate undoing?

A release date and pricing aren’t known as of publishing. That said, if they were posted on the Microsoft Store before quickly being taken down, a release should be imminent.

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  1. Will not be buying a Dlc for AOE2:DE until they release custom scenario maps on console….they still have them on pc but not Xbox….and I was a hugeeeeeee fan mainly of the custom blood maps!

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