Netflix Wants The GTA Franchise on its Platform, Says Report

gta 6

A new report from the Wall Street Journal has outlined that Netflix has been in talks with Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games over obtaining the license to have GTA on its platform.

According to the Wall Street Journal and its sources, “it [Netflix] has discussed plans to release a game within the popular action-adventure series “Grand Theft Auto” from Take-Two Interactive Software through a licensing deal.”

Despite reports and rumors online taking the information out of context, the deal is not for a new game under the development of Netflix. Instead, Netflix simply wants the rights to have a Grand Theft Auto game on its platform. Although the report does not delve into which game, it can be assumed that it’s likely referring to the latest unannounced (but leaked), GTA 6.

Although GTA 6 is yet to be announced, Take-Two Interactive has reported that the company expects significant revenue increases in its next fiscal year. Take-Two is expecting an increase of $2.5 billion, which has led the majority of the community to believe that a GTA 6 reveal is on its way.

The report also reveals that Netflix now has a huge focus on mobile games and as such will be launching a wide range of mobile games on its platform in the coming months. Games include the Korean thriller “Squid Game” and supernatural comedy “Wednesday”, the report outlines. In addition, the report also cites its sources and says that Netflix is discussing games based on “Extraction,” its Sherlock Holmes series, and its “Black Mirror” series.

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  1. Netflix should fund a remake of Sleeping Dogs or better a sequel. The problem is can their platform handle AAA games?

  2. What a silly notion. Every GTA fan out there has already played and or owns GTA games on other platforms, weather it’s consoles, PC or handhelds. Nobody wants or needs GTA on Netflix lol. What are these companies thinking.

    This reminds me of Spotify trying to get into the Audiobook game. Any person our there who is a fan of Audiobooks has an Audible account with perks and benefits.l, or else they download them online for free. Why would they trade that to buy individual audiobooks on Spotify at full retail price? It’s ridiculous. Companies like Netflix and Spotify have all the money but still greedy enough to want a slice of this and that,

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