Negative Reviews Make NBA 2K24 Second-Worst Game on Steam

nba 2k24

NBA 2K24 was released on September 8th and it has already become the second-worst rated game ever on Steam. It sits in second place behind Overwatch 2, boasting an overall score of 1.00 out of 10.00 – Overwatch 2 is at 0.99, for reference.

It’s a mixture of review bombing and genuinely disappointed consumers, as it was pointed out that many of these negative reviewers have a fair few hours in the game already. They’ve bought it, tried it, and are so disappointed that they’re publically voicing their concerns, working collectively to make NBA 2K24 the second-worst-rated game on the popular PC platform.

But Why?

At the time of writing, almost 3,000 reviews for NBA 2K24 are overwhelmingly negative, but it’s still shifting copies. That’s the eternal concern with annual releases – we as gamers will complain about them every year, but for the most part, we’ll buy them again when the next iteration rolls around.

It’s probably out of some dire hope that something has changed for the better.

On the list of issues players have with the game, there are a few standout examples:

  • NBA 2K24 had the story-driven portion of MyCareer stripped from the game
  • There are limitations in crossplay functionality
  • It’s ‘the same as last year’ with barely any improvements
  • The version you get on PC isn’t next-gen
  • There are too many cheaters

One user wrote quite simply in their review on Steam: ‘This just might be the worst NBA 2K game I’ve ever played in my entire life.’

Have you been playing NBA 2K24? How have your experiences been?

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  1. Yep, if you still bought it,they’ll keep making it… Thats how low they could do until you ignored them completely. And of course this is completely justified one because they already buy it and try it themsleves compared to Critique by armchair youtube Reviewer that got it for free or some user reviews in MetaCritic

  2. its not the game thats making them money. Its all the in game features u must now buy to bd able to play. Its far more expensive to play the game. There are already players that cost as much as the game. For one player! My team you need a team to compete u need thousands of dollars. Whoever pays now wins ! You are a pro! Iam done with it, been playing since inception.

  3. 2K is basically robbing people in the My Player features of the game. The badge regression is so lame, they should of just left it like 2K23 or just let the badge be earned on how you play, the badge regression is simply not a great method and you have to pay too much money to improve to be able to compete online.

    They need to fix this game ASAP!!

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