Modern Warfare 2 To Receive Huge Update in Season One Reloaded

mwii season one reloaded

Fans of Modern Warfare 2, rejoice – a huge update is coming to the platform tomorrow, December 14th, as part of the Season One Reloaded content drop. It was mere moments ago that Raven Software released the full patch notes, revealing what’s coming – and it actually looks fairly impressive as an offering.

In typical Call of Duty fashion, an enormous string of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements are being pushed out with the Modern Warfare 2 Season One Reloaded update, but that’s part and parcel of the game – and it’s a good thing, ultimately.

There are weapon adjustments, updates being made to the user interface, and all-new events coming in the drop – read on to find out more about them.

MWII Season One Reloaded and Raring To Go

The Chimera is coming in Season One Reloaded.

In celebration of the ongoing FIFA World Cup, the mixed-bag-bunch at Raven, Infinity, and Activision have decided to roll out the Warzone Cup Limited-Time Event. This will see players join forces in teams of three to take part in a game mode that is remarkably similar to Rocket League.

This game mode will throw players into Al Easima field – a football pitch – and it’ll sit them atop enhanced ATVs. There’s one mission here: push a large football into the other team’s goal by any means necessary.

It doesn’t end there, though – there’s also an all-new weapon that players are excited about – the Chimera. This small-but-mighty weapon is instantly recognisable as the Honey Badger, which has surfaced in some previous Call of Duty titles throughout the years.

One Big Mess of Fixes

In the dramatically long list of bug fixes coming in at the heart of the Season One Reloaded update, Raven Software revealed that some big changes are on the way. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect when the Modern Warfare 2 Season One Reloaded drop goes live:

  • XP Tokens have been overhauled and can be triggered in-game and they now have a timer.
  • Joining games in progress no longer awards a loss stat if your team loses.
  • Made it easier to join/invite parties.
  • Kastov 5.45 buffed (damage multiplier, velocity, close range), Kastov-74u nerfed, MX9 made faster, VEL-46 made better at range.
  • Riot Shield has received a considerable nerf: 3-hit melee, reduced speed, and slower throwing knives.
  • Portable radars can now stick to vehicles.
  • Huge range of fixes and changes to thermal optics.

There’s plenty more information to dig through, but those are the most important changes and updates being made in Modern Warfare 2 Season One Reloaded.

There’s a long road ahead.

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