Activision: ‘MW3 Is a Premium Release Priced at $70’


For a few weeks, the Call of Duty community has been locked in a to-and-fro regarding the status of Modern Warfare III – which is due to release on November 10th. It was long believed that there wouldn’t be a ‘Call of Duty 2023’, and when one did surface, it was then thought it was little more than a DLC add-on for 2022’s Modern Warfare 2.

However, through a communication sent to CharlieIntel from Activision (and then shared on Twitter), it appears the latter firm is intent on clarifying that Modern Warfare 3 is a full, premium release, and as such, it will carry with it the expected price tag of $70. It could be a ploy, it might be the absolute honest truth, but fans will ultimately have to wait another three months to find out for themselves just how much meat is on the bones of MW3.

MW3 is NOT an Add-On

In CharlieIntel’s words, referencing what they’d been told directly by Activision:

As stated in numerous Activision Blizzard quarterly conference calls, Modern Warfare III is a premium release. It will be price accordingly at $70 USD.

It was said quite clearly that this isn’t an expansion and there is no discounted ‘upgrade’ price for users coming across from Modern Warfare 2.

Many of these ‘DLC’ concerns began to surface following the news that players will be able to port over everything they’ve unlocked and achieved in Modern Warfare 2 to Modern Warfare 3. That includes bundles, weapon challenges, Operators, and progress.

Modern Warfare 3 is going to be fully revealed on August 17th through an in-game event in Call of Duty Warzone.

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  1. They have streamers blatantly cheating in the current version. You want me to pay 70 for a game where you do nothing about the chearters.. Hah

  2. It’s not worth $70.00 USD. It’s basically just the year 2 DLC they promised for MW II with all the things they took away from us in MW 2019. They created the problems and now want to sell us the solution at a premium. This is the first year I’m taking off from COD. Unless they gift it to me. ?

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