Titan Quest 2 Has Been Announced After 17 Years

titan quest 2

THQ Nordic has lifted the lid on Titan Quest 2, a sequel that fans of the one-shot franchise have been somewhat expecting for almost two decades. In 2006, the first (and to this day, only) Titan Quest game was released on PC to a positive reception – and it was subsequently re-released over the years on almost every platform.

Now, after a seventeen-year-long wait, fans can finally rejoice, as THQ Nordic has revealed Titan Quest 2, and it’s coming soon to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Clash With The Titans

Titan Quest was one of those games that I found on Steam years ago and started playing with almost no expectations whatsoever. It was six or seven hours later that I awoke from a laser-focused session, wholeheartedly in love with the somewhat simple ‘point-and-click’ adventure title.

THQ Nordic has promised big things for the follow-up, stating in the description of the trailer that was recently posted:

Featuring a flexible character system, meaningful loot, challenging combat, and online multiplayer in a handcrafted and immersive world, Titan Quest II is an epic action RPG for a new generation.

Here’s that all-important trailer:

It has me excited, that’s for sure.

Titan Quest 2 (II if you’re fancy) will be running on Unreal Engine 5, and it’s reportedly going to boast an expansive, handcrafted open-world environment that features both a day-night and a weather cycle.

It has been a busy time for RPGs of late – Titan Quest 2 will undoubtedly be another top-tier offering for fans of the genre.

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