MultiVersus Leak Teases Beetlejuice is Possibly Coming Soon

In a recent leak posted on X, dataminer @AusilMV claimed that Beetlejuice could potentially join the MultiVersus roster fairly soon.

The leaker estimates that players could potentially get Beetlejuice as soon as Season 2. Also, they could be made available early through the Rifts mode.

In the latest 1.05 mid-season patch notes, MultiVersus offered a similar challenge with the “Beat Rifts, Get Agent Smith Free!” event. Players who complete enough tiers can earn Agent Smith ahead of the character’s full release on July 23.

User @AusilMV also claims that players will get to “earn an exclusive Beetlejuice variant” from the corresponding event track.

In addition to Beetlejuice, @AusilMV previously appeared to leak a variety of other datamined characters and stages that MultiVersus could add. Those included Samurai Jack, Aquaman, a Cat Concerto stage and more.

Both Beetlejuice and the Wicked Witch have been rumored for a while. Voice lines for each of the characters surfaced online in 2022.

The classic 80’s film Beetlejuice is also getting an anticipated sequel this year, titled Beetlejuice Beetlejuice. The movie will release on September 6, 2024, in the US. So, it may be timely for the character to join MultiVersus.

In the meantime, players might also look forward to a new character from Mortal Kombat joining MultiVersus. Player 1st Games’ community manager @AJAX_HQ offered an “eyes” emoji in response to Scorpion concept art. This may hint that MultiVersus could add Scorpion to the roster soon, too.

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  1. Who is this game for boomers? That’s the problem with this a bunch of the wrong characters. Still no Samurai Jack? Still most if the Cartoon Network characters aren’t here, DC, WB, Adult Swim, or Hanna Barbera characters but Bertlejuice, Jason Vorhees, and Agent Smith are here no one wanted them except for a certain influencer I’m aware of who probably is the reason behind these bad decisions.

    1. I know who and that’s the thing stop catering to 40 something year olds who normally don’t care about this stuff but won’t work a real job.

  2. How much longer until WB shutters it’s gaming division? With bad decisions like these I assume they’re preparing to close it down this year.

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