5 Most Anticipated Xbox Exclusive Games to Release in 2024

Ark 2 release

The new year is only a few months away, and Microsoft has already announced multiple Xbox exclusives that are set to release in 2024. Players are already anticipating some of the best releases of the decade, with huge names being rumored or announced to release next year.

Here are the five most anticipated Xbox exclusive games set to release in 2024.

Xbox Exclusives Planned to Release in 2024

Xbox has been a household name within the gaming community since the first Xbox console was released back in 2001. Since then, some of the biggest names have been released on their platform. Series such as Halo, Forza, and more are games that have stayed true to Xbox.

So what popular Xbox exclusives are planned to release in 2024?

Flight Simulator 2024

Microsoft Flight Simulator originally released in 1984, as one of Microsoft’s first games for the IBM PC. Since then, the game has grown tremendously, having some wildly realistic graphics and mechanics. Now, Microsft plans to release Flight Simulator 2024 sometime during next year, with no official release date announced yet.

State of Decay 3

The third installment in the popular State of Decay series was announced back in 2020. Since then, very little has been released on the title. State of Decay 3 was confirmed by Jeff Grubb of VentureBeat to not be one of the exclusives set to release in 2023, only meaning its release is expected to be in 2024

Get prepared to ward off some zombies. State of Decay 3 is expected to be released next year.


Ark 2

most anticipated Xbox games 2024 Ark 2

Conquer a world filled with the ferocious dinosaurs from 65 million years ago. Ark 2 was announced back in 2020 and is planned to be released at some point in 2024. The game will follow its predecessor, Ark, in being a large-scale online multiplayer survival game.

The game will be in Unreal Engine 5, giving it some of the smoothest and highest-quality graphics out there.


most anticipated Xbox games 2024

The highly anticipated RPG, Fable, was first revealed with a trailer at the Xbox Games Showcase in 2023. The game has already gained quite a bit of popularity amongst gamers. The first of the series was released back in 2001, making Fable 4 a long-awaited title.

The Fable series is one of Microsoft’s most popular exclusives, easily putting the upcoming Fable at the top of our list of Xbox exclusive games set to release in 2024.


The Outer Worlds 2

most anticipated Xbox games 2024 The Outer Worlds 2

Developed by Obsidian Entertainment, The Outer Worlds was a huge success due to its familiarity with Bethesda’s Fallout franchise. The game was developed by the original Fallout creators, Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky. The Outer Worlds 2 is already creating a landfill of expectations amongst gamers.

The RPG is currently set to release at some point in 2024, with no official release date.


What Xbox games are your most anticipated for 2024? Let us know in the comments below.