Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Event Awards Detailed

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Activision has revealed what’s coming as part of the Modern Warfare 3 reveal event that’s due to take place on the 17th of August in Call of Duty: Warzone. It’s a one-time showdown that’s going to hopefully deliver everything we need to know about Modern Warfare 3, and just for taking part, players will unlock exclusive content.

It isn’t yet known what the nature of the Modern Warfare 3 reveal event is, but we have some snippets that point towards what it could be. For instance, we know there’s a grand battle in Al Mazrah between factions, some kind of dirty bomb or gas element, and it’ll almost certainly be a direct link into Modern Warfare 3’s story – when it’s released on November 10th, that is.

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Here Are Your Rewards

For those taking part in the in-game Modern Warfare 3 revlea event, here are the exclusive rewards that you’ll pick up simply for giving it a fair crack:

If it’s anything like the reveal event for 2021’s Call of Duty: Vanguard (which also took place in Warzone), the rewards will be unlocked periodically as the lobby progresses along a path of pre-determined objectives. Put simply, the better the lobby performs or the more boxes that are ticked, the more rewards that are unlocked.

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At the top of the table sits the new compact AR – the M13C (not to be confused with the M13B). There’s a charm, a battle token tier skip, a calling card, emblem, and a vehicle skin. It’s a pretty standard affair, but it’s also assumed that, at the end of all things, we’ll also be treated to a fresh trailer for Modern Warfare 3.

Are you excited for the upcoming release, or could you not care less?

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