Someone Has Completed Baldur’s Gate 3 in 10 Minutes

baldurs gate 3 speedrun

I think we can all agree that speedrunners are a different breed when it comes to the world of gaming. They’re so impressive, and they’re constantly finding new ways and exploits to complete a game as fast as possible – sometimes reducing an entire campaign to mere seconds. Recently, the news surfaced that one Baldur’s Gate 3 player managed to effectively complete the game in just ten minutes.

There are a lot of caveats and technicalities here, but essentially, yes, the story was finished by user ‘Mae’, who uploaded the entire run (all 10m 23s of it) to YouTube. This feat is remarkable for one reason: Baldur’s Gate 3 is one of the chunkiest CRPGs to emerge in recent years, and it’s thought that a completionist run will take anything up to 100 hours to achieve. (

Go Faster!

While it’s almost certain that somebody will top the 10m 23s run set by Mae – which you can see below – this is the first time that the record has been established, and that can’t be taken away. Here’s a tip though – don’t upload it to YouTube claiming it’s a Guinness World Record, lest your account be struck down.

Now, I’m not a Baldur’s Gate fan by any means, and I don’t understand D&D one bit, so I’ll summarise what Mae did to reach this achievement a) without spoiling the game, and b) without sounding like a complete moron.

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It all begin with Mae using Gale as an ‘origin character’, fusing that character with a ‘hyperspeed jump ability’ to launch themselves headlong into a conversation that shouldn’t happen for quite a while. There’s a ‘specific choice’ that players can make during this scene that brings about an untimely ending for their party – one of the 17,000 endings that essentially exists in Baldur’s Gate 3.

At present, it’s the fastest known run to reach ‘an ending’ in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Are you impressed?

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