Modern Warfare 3 Is Going Back to Verdansk

verdansk trailer

That’s right, folks – since December 2021, fans have been crying out for a return to Verdansk, and while Warzone Mobile is on the horizon and features the map, it wasn’t going to be enough to scratch that eternal itch. Now, in the latest teaser trailer for Modern Warfare 3 (that revealed Makarov’s character), we’ve identified evidence of Verdansk returning in the all-new game that’s being released this November.

It’s a monumental thing, as many people believe that Warzone effectively died when Verdansk was stripped from the game. It’s not yet known in what capacity Verdansk will make an appearance – it could be flashbacks, it could be a huge portion of the story, and it could of course be the setting for many multiplayer maps and even a battle royale map of sorts.

One thing’s for sure – we saw Verdansk in that trailer, and it’s coming back.

Are You Ready to Go Back?

Once upon a time, we wrote up a lengthy article explaining that you don’t miss Verdansk, you just miss the vibes that you experienced when the game was released during the early months of 2020. That’s mostly true, but since Caldera replaced Verdansk, it has never felt the same.

In the latest Modern Warfare 3 trailer that revealed Makarov – the next game’s ultimate bad guy – we see snippets of Verdansk. It’s not just an assumption that it’s Verdansk, either – there are clear references to locations in and around Verdansk, such as the Prison and the Stadium.

It’s not yet known if the entire map will be featured in Modern Warfare 3 or just snippets, as we see several shots of various POIs from around Verdansk, but most of the action seems centred around the Stadium and the Prison.

It was recently revealed that Modern Warfare 3 will be released on November 10th, and there are claims that the grand reveal of the game will take place on August 17th – next week – in Call of Duty Warzone.

What do you think? Are you excited to see Verdansk potentially resurfacing in 2023’s Call of Duty game?

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