Bethesda Just Published 300 Years of Starfield History for Lore Nerds


I say ‘lore nerds’ as affectionately as possible, for I am also a lore nerd. I go head-over-heels for Bethesda’s lore especially, and I’m self-declared as one of the most knowledgeable Fallout players in the business. Recently, Bethesda stepped up and published an extensive history of the events leading up to the setting of Starfield, detailing all major events across a near 300-year period.

It’s a characteristic of all Bethesda RPGs – they’re typically thick with lore, populated by detailed backstories, and bursting at the seams with documents, books, holotapes, secrets, and all manner of items to uncover and collect. Starfield is no different, and given the expanse of the game itself, it makes complete sense that there would be a rich backstory there to support it.

Starfield: The Final Frontier

Following a promise that Starfield is going to release on time – and the rumour surfacing that Bethesda is hosting an exclusive launch event for the game – fans are expectedly more excited than ever before. This has been a year several years in the making and it has the potential to be the most fantastic game of all time.

But I’m biased there – I just adore Bethesda’s line-up and always have. Perhaps it’ll be a dumpster fire of a game, who knows?

Recently, the Starfield website was updated with a 300-year backstory to the game. It runs from 2050 to 2330 – which is when Starfield begins.

We learn that humans arrived on Mars in 2050 (thanks, Elon), and they started living in ‘space’ by 2100. They must discover FTL travel (although this isn’t mentioned), because just 56 years later, they’re travelling to new star systems.

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Colonies are founded, factions begin to spring up, and of course, in-line with all of human history, wars begin. By 2194, the universe is mobilising in a galactic conflict that shakes the foundations of the race.

From there, the history is mostly stating where, when, and why certain named characters joined their respective factions – and then it all wraps up with a dark screen with ‘2330 A.D.’ emblazoned across it.

And that’s where we come in.

Starfield is coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC on September 6th

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