False Bans Hit Thousands of Players in Modern Warfare 2

Thousands of players are claiming that they have been falsely banned from Modern Warfare 2 following its launch on Friday, October 28.

According to emails sent by Activision, the majority of these bans have been because of users using “unauthorized software” and “manipulation of game data”.

Research I conducted during Battlefield 2042’s false ban claims earlier this year suggested that around 90% of users were using some form of RBB software. Although there has been no official word or research conducted on Modern Warfare 2’s false bans as of yet, it might be worth uninstalling your RGB software for the time being.

During the research, several other software programs might lead to a ban. To be safe, it might be worth uninstalling these software programs:

  • Logitech G Hub
  • iCUE
  • Afterburner
  • Razer Synapse 3

If you believe you have been falsely banned in Modern Warfare 2, reach out to Tom Henderson on Twitter here.

Please DM me with your Activision ID, what system you received the ban on, RGB software you had installed (if on PC), controller input, and if you’ve conducted any activities that Activision might deem against its Terms of Service. In addition, please include if you’ve used a VPN, Cronus, or any other method in order to get past Modern Warfare 2’s SBMM system.

Please include a screenshot of the email sent from Activision. All data will be compiled and reported to Activision in due course.

You can try to appeal your Activision ban via the Activision website at https://support.activision.com/ban-appeal if you feel like you’ve been falsely banned.

Accusations of false bans in Call of Duty aren’t new, with a charge.org petition during the launch of Modern Warfare 2019 amassing over 30,000 signatures for Activision to explain unwarranted bans.

With Warzone 2 just around the corner and the title being free-to-play, it’s likely that accusations of false bans are likely to increase.

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  1. I just bought the game 2 days ago, played one match then got off until halloween night. just tried to sign in excited to learn and play the new game to find out i had been banned and for what! i played 2 matches and im banned. spent money on this new game and now cannot even play it this is unreal.

  2. was banned 3 days ago spent $100 on game my last streams was the last day I played I summited a appeal got the same message everyone else did. If this dont get fix I promise this will be the last cod I ever will buy..

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