Mass Effect Board Game Announced For 2024

Mass Effect Board Game

According to a new press release today, Modiphius Entertainment will adapt Mass Effect into a “a cooperative, story-driven board game for 1-4 players”.

Mass Effect the Board Game – Priority: Hagalaz will feature Liara, Tali, Wrex, and Garrus in a story “the events of Mass Effect 3”.

Modiphius announced it will release in 2024 but did not offer a concrete release date.

The game will include a branching campaign, card-driven AI, and choices that directly influence outcomes later in the story.

Mass Effect the Board Game – Priority: Hagalaz was designed by Eric M. Lang and Calvin Wong Tze Loon. Modiphius also revealed the first official image of the game on Twitter.

In November 2023, Jeff Grubb claimed that a new Mass Effect game might not release until 2029. However, Mass Effect is an iconic series that remains a staple of the sci-fi genre.

Its distinguishable worldbuilding, intuitive controls and memorable spectacle pleased fans throughout the series.

Mass Effect has more than enough lore to fuel a tabletop game, and its action-packed pacing should translate well.

Modiphius is also the same publisher behind Fallout: Factions, which is available to pre-order now. The publisher has handled many popular IPs before, including Skyrim: The Adventure Game.

That released to strong reviews on BGG. Fans praised its atmosphere, fidelity to the lore, and the epic scope of the gameplay.

So, Mass Effect the Board Game – Priority: Hagalaz also has the potential to be a larger, heavier game. Modiphius says that players will “customise and upgrade your squad’s abilities, equipment, and powers as they gain experience”.

Video game fans will also see a Halo board game adaptation this year from Mantic Games.

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