There’s a New Fallout Game Available to Pre-Order

fallout factions

It was a few months ago that Modiphius lifted the lid on Fallout: Factions, an all-new table-top title that’s due to be released later this year. Following in the successful footsteps of Wasteland Warfare (2017), Fallout: Factions will attempt to bring players unfamiliar with table-top games into the light of the genre, boasting an accessible ruleset and a fresh take on roll-based combat that’ll allow even the most unsuspecting hero to take on the most fearsome mutants.

From Legendary Foundations

Fallout: Factions has been created by the legendary mind of James Hewitt, who has been long credited with the popularisation of Necromunda and Adeptus Titanicus. His talents have been poured into Fallout: Factions, resulting in the production of some unique elements, such as ‘exploding dice’ based on Fallout’s iconic ‘S.P.E.C.I.A.L.’ stat system. There’s a lot of weight given to ‘Luck’ in Fallout: Factions, which is how some lowly players will end up defeating some of the game’s toughest enemies in head-to-head fights.

It’ll be different from Wasteland Warfare, though:

We wanted to make a game which is more suitable for small communities of friends … I worked with a lot of gaming clubs, and the idea of just pick-up-and-play games. You’re gonna turn up, bring a case of miniatures, and see who’s around. You can’t do that very easily with Wasteland Warfare. We wanted to make sure you can do that with Factions.

If this is piquing your interest, then I’ve got good news – Fallout: Factions is available to pre-order from today, February 5. It’ll set you back $100 for the starter pack, which comes with two faction packs (themed around Fallout 4’s Nuka World DLC), a playmat, tokens, a tape measure, terrain items, and themed dice.

It was revealed in a report written by Polygon that further faction packs will be made available further down the line for around $41 a set.

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