Marvel’s Blade: Everything We Know About Marvel’s Blade (Video Game)

Marvel is teaming up with the popular gaming studio, Bethesda (Skyrim and Fallout), to give Marvel fans a Blade video game. If you aren’t familiar with the comic book character, Blade is a vampire-fighting superhero in the Marvel world.

The famous comic book character is known for his fighting skills, making him the perfect person to play as in a video game.

Here is everything we know about the upcoming Blade video game.

When will Marvel’s Blade be Released?

As of now, there is no definitive release date for the upcoming Blade video game. There was a leak that an untitled video game from Bethesda would be released around September 2024, but there has been no confirmation that it was Marvel’s Blade.

Still, many are hoping to see the game released sooner rather than later, but with almost little to nothing released about the game, it is unlikely we will see it released in 2025.

The Blade movie, which will be a part of the MCU, is set to release in 2025. It would make sense for the game to be released after the movie, but as of now, there is no confirmation of its release window.

Will Marvel’s Blade be Playable on PlayStation, Xbox and PC?

While there is no information on what platforms the new Blade game will be playable on, it is presumed that every major console (PlayStation, Xbox and PC) will support it.

At first, many were skeptical and thought Microsoft would make it an Xbox exclusive, due to Bethesda’s development studios being a part of Xbox Game Studios. This is highly unlikely, though, and gamers should expect to play the game on all consoles.

But will it be available for the Nintendo Switch? Sadly, the likeliness of a game this big being playable on the Nintendo Switch is extremely low. Still, there is a chance it could see a late release on the Switch.

Will Marvel’s Blade be Based On the Comics?

While the new Blade video game won’t necessarily be based on the movies, it will still revolve around the comics. From what we know as of now, the game will take place in Paris, France, where Blade will have to prevent a vampire takeover.

Will the game link to the new MCU movie coming out in 2025? Absolutely no idea. It would be a cool idea, but games that stand-alone tend to do well too. Just look at the Spider-Man for PlayStation and its success.

What will Blade be Rated?

During the announcement of the game, it was stated that it would be mature, meaning it will have an M rating. A character like Blade does not let his enemies die easily. The game will hopefully include a decent amount of gore and action. I mean, it is literally a story about vampires.

With the massive downfall the MCU has had after being acquired by Disney, many are hoping that a Blade game with heavier themes will help bring back their love for the comics.

Will Blade be a Multiplayer game?

Marvel’s Blade is supposed to give gamers an immersive experience into the life of Eric Brooks (Blade). The game was announced to be a single-player third-person RPG, meaning there will be no multiplayer mode.

A game such as Blade doesn’t need a multiplayer mode. The story by itself will be enough to pull players in. All we can hope is that Bethesda truly does this game right, despite their recent misses.

Will Blade use Any of the Movie’s Actors?

While this has not been touched on by the studio, it seems highly unlikely that Blade will use any of the actors from the movies, whether it be the earlier trilogy or the new movie that has yet to be released.

Most Marvel games that have been released in the past have used separate actors from their characters in the movies. Maybe we will see a few famous people return for the video game, but it probably will not happen.

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