Marvel’s Blade Concept Art Revealed by Arkane

Marvel's Blade Concept Art City

Sebastien Mitton, an art and co-creative director at Arkane, has just released official concept art for Marvel’s Blade in a new tweet.

They revealed three unique images that depict different areas of the city. This was both a reward for fans, as well as a call to action for artists to join the team.

Fans can now further speculate on the potential color scheme and tone of the game. The overall art design is heavily stylized, so naturally, some fans became concerned about some of the more dramatic ideas.

However, it certainly looks inspired and bold. In the first image, the city is appropriately stark. It has some rugged elements and streets on fire, creating a sense of urgency and desperation.

There’s also an image of Blade investigating a club, which is a classic setting that fans of the original film adaptation might enjoy. This particular image may even hint at some stealth mechanics.

The third image reveals that vampires are freely roaming on public transportation. This further reinforces that the city is in chaos, and it also shows off some action.

Overall, the new concept art also gives fans a better idea of the true scope of the city. It appears to be fairly large, with a good variety of distinguishable locations. Arkane seems to successfully balance an epic scale with gritty ideas.

Marvel’s Blade has built a lot of buzz since its announcement. However, Xbox recently declined to comment on whether or not it would be an exclusive.

If you’re a big fan of Blade, you may want to consider investing in an Xbox Series X.

Fortunately, multiple new deals for the console were revealed yesterday. Each of these deals reduces the console’s price by at least $100.

For more on Marvel’s Blade, you can read about its big announcement at The Game Awards last week.

  1. Now that Microsoft owns Radical and High Moon they should get them the licenses to Hulk and Deadpool respectively. Love to see them get big budgets in today’s day and open world.

  2. I wish it was someone else not Arkane their art style is trash and their games are trash too. Wish Microsoft would get the DC license finally get someone like Treyarch to make a Batman Beyond game I mean their Spider-Man games were awesome would love to see that with Batman.

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