Xbox Declines to Comment on if Blade is an Exclusive or Not

Blade Marvel Game Sunglasses

Xbox will not confirm if the highly anticipated Blade game from Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Lyon will be exclusive to the platform, according to a new report from VG247.

VG247 also acknowledged that official trailers for the game strategically omits the supported platforms it would have at launch:

Blade has been a fan favorite for ages, and their potential addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with actor Mahershala Ali would only generate even more buzz with modern audiences.

In the gaming industry, Blade recently made a powerhouse appearance in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. That game definitely shows the enormous potential of the character in a fully dedicated campaign.

Blade represents a darker side of Marvel, with iconic abilities and narratives that deserve the widest release possible.

Bethesda Game Studios’ Starfield is an Xbox exclusive, but limiting Blade to a single platform would be devastating for Marvel fans.

Since Xbox has apparently declined to comment on the matter, this implies that their answer would likely disappoint.

After all, replies that aim for damage control tend to require careful preparation. They are often accompanied by some small tidbit of good news to soften the blow.

However, it’s possible that ports for other major platforms are still up in the air. The platform announcements could also be delayed until release windows are secured.

It would be strange for a larger title like Blade to avoid building as much buzz as possible. But the teams may have been pressed for time to announce at The Game Awards.

For now, fans can only continue to speculate about the secrecy. But refusing to comment can sometimes be a statement in and of itself.

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  1. That’s so stupid just another massive L. It took the court trial to reveal Indiana Jones as exclusive now they won’t say if this game is exclusive or not and they kind of did this with Elder Scrolls 6 too.

  2. “limiting Blade to a single platform would be devastating for Marvel fans”

    Sony can release Marvel games like Spiderman and Wolverine exclusive on Playstation? But releasing game exclusive to Xbox will be “devastaing”

    This is just dumb

    1. They should just pay for the DC license after the next bomb Suicide Squad it would be for the best for DC just get a good team on Batman again maybe Treyarch and it will sell. Also it wouldn’t be just Xbox it’s would be PC too and Game Pass that’s super accessible.

  3. Get the Batman license from DC please Xbox! Make a Batman Beyond game!! Get Treyarch back in the hero game genre give them a big budget they can do it let COD take a little rest for single player.

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