Take-Two is Preparing for a Mafia Series Announcement, it’s Claimed

Twitter user Kurakasis has claimed that Take-Two is preparing for a mafia series announcement in the near future.

Kurakasis has previously found early information on games by discovering trademarks, which could suggest that the game has recently had a trademark filing and could be gearing up for an announcement.

Previous findings from the user include finding game names, including Metro Awakening, Indiana Jones and The Great Circle, and Marvel’s 1943: Rise of Hydra.

Last year, a job listing for the next Mafia game said that the game was to be an ‘unannounced multi-platform game currently in pre-production using Unreal Engine 5.’ The job listing did state that the game is in ‘pre-production’, which implies that the game could be a couple of years out from release. Nonetheless, if the game is gearing up for an announcement, trademark information on the game’s name is likely to become available.

In the job listings, it was stated that the ‘next iteration’ of the Mafia franchise would feature ‘engagement stealth and combat gameplay loops,’ which should make for a more enhanced experience over Mafia 3’s relatively basic ‘creep-around-and-stab-people’ stealth platform.

Kotaku reported in May 2022 that the game will be a prequel set in Sicily – the birthplace of the mafia – and it’ll be set years before the first Mafia game, which saw players assume control of Tommy Angelo in the 1930s.

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  1. This is cool but why can’t we get proper GTA remakes VC, 3, SA, and 4 I wish they could make those in Unreal 5.

  2. Mafia 1 and 2 are all time greats. Anyone who hasn’t played the remake of 1 is missing out on one of the best games in the last decade and I strongly recommend getting it even if on sale. The music and story are amazing and I still listen to the OST from time to time.

    If they follow through from the great writing in Mafia 1, it could be one of the best games and revitalise the franchise. I’m not a fan of Take Two so hopefully they don’t meddle too much but if they hire the people who did the remake, it would make so many fans happy.

  3. They should hire the creator of Gomorrah adapt that into a game the modern Italian Camora as an open world game gritty like would be amazing. It’ll be interesting how people take to something set in the 1800’s for this though but a more modern Camora game would be amazing like that TV show.

  4. Take 2 needs to make more games still waiting on a new Midnight Club or a remake of 3, a new Manhunt, and I know everyone wants Red Dead 3! Bring those back! Also proper GTA remakes.

  5. Yes I’m Really Really Excited & Over The Moon To Play This Game👍👌This Game Must Have a Release Date By Anychance🤔

  6. I would very much rather Mafia IV to be set in Las Vegas during the late 1970’s or early 1980’s and released on PS5

  7. I would very much rather Mafia IV to be set in Las Vegas during the late 1970’s or early 1980’s and released on PS5

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