Frostpunk 2 Gets Beta And New Gameplay Deep Dive

Frostpunk 2 beta

11 bit studios have launched a new semi-open beta for Frostpunk 2 alongside a new gameplay deep diver for the upcoming city builder.

The beta is available to those who have pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition of the game. The beta runs from April 15 at 1pm ET to April 22 at 1PM ET. The Deluxe Edition of Frostpunk 2 includes not only access to the beta, but also three post-launch DLCs, three days early release, a digital artbook and soundtrack, an exclusive in-game item, and a digital version of the “Warm Flesh” novella.

In the gameplay deep dive, which you can watch below, game co-directors Jakub Stokalski and Lukasx Juszczyk show off new gameplay from Frostpunk 2 as well as discuss some of the major changes coming to the title.

“By the end of the first game, you survived the end of the world,” Stokalski said. “The question then becomes, ‘What now?’.”

One of the new features in Frostpunk 2 is that, rather than build single buildings at a time, players build out entire districts. In addition to that, Juszczyk says the team put a “greater emphasis on society” in the new game.

“As time passes, various communities may radicalize, and form factions that actively try to influence the direction in which you lead the city,” Juszczyk said.

Another feature includes the creation of a council where communities within the city can have a say and vote on the laws of the land. This can lead to various conflicts within your city.

Frostpunk 2 launches on PC on July 25. It will also be available via PC Game Pass from Microsoft.

Are you going to check out the week-long Frostpunk 2 beta? What do you think about the new gameplay deep dive?

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