Lords of the Fallen Gets A New Overview Trailer

Lords of the Fallen

The wait for the imminent release of Lords of the Fallen grows enticingly shorter. Two weeks ahead of its release, an overview trailer for Lords of the Fallen has dropped. It showcases a dark fantasy world in which the Dark Crusaders embark on a quest to overthrow the demon God, Adyr. 

Elden Ring was a resounding success. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Blasphemous 2, and Lies of P have made the Soulslike genre a fertile playground. Lords of the Fallen is the next highly anticipated Soulslike title.

Developer Hexworks introduces the enchanting world of Mornstead. In it is Axiom, land of the living, and the macabre realm of the dead, Umbral. The trailer offers a glimpse into spellbinding boss fights with unspeakable horrors of an immense scale. The Soulslike genre often exhibits a steep, yet rewarding, learning curve. Thankfully, players can rest assured that Lords of the Fallen may roll out the welcome mat somewhat less intensely. Recently, Insider Gaming’s Grant Taylor-Hill had the opportunity to preview the game and here’s what he had to say regarding the upcoming Action RPG.

I sat down to play Lords of the Fallen with an open mind but a closed heart – this wasn’t my kind of game, and I fully believed I wouldn’t enjoy it; I wouldn’t let it entertain me. I’ve had rough experiences with Dark Souls and Elden Ring, so why would I like this Lords of the Fallen preview?

I was so wrong.

Lords of the Fallen is, on the surface, a stunning game to admire – it boasts environments that are equal parts beautiful and chilling, with the universe being split into two worlds. There’s the ‘world of the living’ – Axiom – and the ‘realm of the dead’ – Umbral. I was encouraged to bounce between the two using a Lantern that was imbued with an ancient power, and I quickly found that this game wasn’t just about the combat – it also offered challenges of the puzzle variety.

Lords of the Fallen will launch on October 13th on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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