Sons of the Forest’s Latest Update Makes It Harder and Easier

sons of the forest

Sons of the Forest was released back in February in an early access state – and it remains that way today. Since it dropped, Endnight Games – the developer – has continued to pump the open-world survival horror title with updates, adding in all-new content on a regular basis.

In the latest update to hit the game, dozens of tweaks have been made to rebalance the game, making it both harder and easier under different circumstances. Endnight has also added some new items – including a pickaxe – and new structures to build.

Sons of the Forest Continues to Grow

In a section marked ‘Improvements’ in the patch notes, Endnight references several changes that are going to alter the game:


  • Creepies are more resistant to bullets and have increased general health
  • Add a two-second hit react cooldown to lower the stun lock on Puffies
  • Fingers and Twins now have more aggressive behaviour
  • Spear melee stab damage reduced 15 > 10 (that’s going to hurt me, I love the spear)


  • Reduced the likelihood of creepies taking overpopulated villages
  • Reduced max late-game outside creepy count by 20%

Along with those changes, Endnight has added a new cave containing a Pickaxe, and there are also various books and collectables to uncover. In addition, a few dozen changes have been made – quality of life improvements, bug fixes, audio updates, and the like.

Are you still playing Sons of the Forest?

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