Insane Last of Us Clone is Removed From Switch eShop

the last of us clone

Last month, we reported on the new clone of The Last of Us that had found its way to the Nintendo Switch eShop. It was one of the most bizarre things we’d seen in recent years in the gaming world, but the creators of The Last Hope were very serious about what they’d built.

This blatant Last of Us clone completely ripped off the ten-year-old franchise in several ways, and even for a single pound or dollar, it was overpriced. It was probably one of the worst games we’d ever seen, but that means nothing now, as Nintendo seems to have stripped the game from the eShop.

Was it Sony?

There are suspicions that Sony issued a takedown notice against The Last Hope on the basis that it was shamelessly copying The Last of Us. On YouTube, the game’s trailer was also taken down, and it was confirmed that the copyright claim was raised by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It’s not a far-fetched idea, of course – The Last Hope really was the most ridiculous Last of Us clone we’ve ever seen.

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It’s a shame that The Last Hope managed to secure any sales at all – even from those users that were playing the game for nothing more than the meme value of the thing. In one review, it was explained that it was barely even a playable game – it was a shell that fell absolutely flat on its face in almost every way possible.

Has the Moldovan developer that created The Last Hope packed up and disappeared into the sunset? Let’s hope so.

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