The Last of Us Has a Shameless Clone on Nintendo Switch

the last hope

There’s a brand new game on Nintendo Switch named The Last Hope, and from the moment you’re exposed to the game’s artwork, you start to notice familiarities. In what must be one of the most shameless examples of cloning we’ve seen for a while in gaming, The Last Hope has debuted on Nintendo Switch – exclusively in the United Kingdom – and it completely rips off The Last of Us.

In The Last Hope, players assume control of Brian Lee, a one-man-zombie-killing-machine of a character who stumbles upon a young girl who is a like-for-like replication of Ellie from The Last of Us. He sets about protecting her, slaying the undead and attempting to… Well, we don’t really understand what the story is.

Eve, We Really Are The Last Hope

Brian and Eve are on a ‘quest for truth, for hope, and for a brighter future,’ whatever that means. In the game’s trailer, we find out that the ‘future turns out to be darker than the darkest nightmare’, which is just flawless writing and fills prospective players with nothing but excitement for the game – which currently costs just £1 on the Switch Store.

The Last Hope comes with a fantastic synopsis, though.

As you navigate the treacherous city streets, you’ll encounter diverse locations that hold the key to your survival. Journey to the library to safe an innocent girl from reckless zombies, head on to the pharmacy to secure vital medical supplies, explore the police station to arm yourself with powerful weaponry, and venture into the dark depths of the metro tunnels.

It must run quite deep, as the features of The Last Hope reportedly include ‘engaging gameplay mechanics’, ‘meaningful choices’, a ‘captivating plot’, and ‘challenging missions’.

How long do we think it’ll be before The Last Hope disappears from the digital store? It’s safe to say that the developer has probably enjoyed more than a few sales based on the sheer number of people desperate to experience this bizarre rip-off of a game.

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