Remnant 2 Has Sold Through 1 Million Copies in 4 Days

remnant 2

Remnant 2’s profile has spread like wildfire since the game was released on July 25th, with the action-packed third-person shooter selling through a whopping one million copies in just a four-day period. Gearbox Publishing confirmed this news on Twitter, dropping a new trailer in celebration of the milestone and promising that free content would be on the horizon for users.

This makes Remnant 2 one of the best-selling games of the year so far, and it dwarfs the first game’s performance – it took around two months for Remnant: From the Ashes to hit one million sales.

Getting Better

Recently, players have been exploring every nook and cranny of Remnant 2, discovering overpowered exploits, building all manner of characters, and replaying the story over and over again – which is possible, considering the main campaign is around 20 hours in length.

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Here’s the short trailer that Gearbox Publishing and Gunfire released to celebrate the milestone:

In light of the news that the game has sold one million copies in just four days, the developer – Gunfire – has reiterated a commitment to providing post-launch content in both paid and free-to-download forms. In a statement, David Adams of Gunfire Games said:

To everyone who helped us achieve this amazing milestone, thank you for your unwavering support. This was a multi-year journey for us and we couldn’t be happier to see fans having such a great time with a game we put our heart and soul into.

It’s topping best-seller lists at present and the concurrent player count skyrocketed not long after launch, and it’s only just getting started – there’s a lot of planned content coming.

Are you enjoying Remnant 2, or are you yet to get invested?

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