Kingdom Hearts Series is Coming to Steam in June 2024

In a new post on Twitter/X today, the official Kingdom Hearts feed announced that multiple entries in the hit series are finally coming to Steam on June 13, 2024.

The content will include Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX, HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, and Kingdom Hearts 3 + Re Mind. The first two each include multiple titles, while Kingdom Hearts 3 also comes with the Re Mind DLC.

These titles feature the beloved Dark Seeker Saga, so that newcomers can catch up on Sora’s signature adventure.

According to Square Enix’s official blog, players can also purchase the Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece. It’s a bundle of all three experiences, and it also comes with the platform-exclusive Keyblade “Dead of Night.”

Previously, Kingdom Hearts was only available on PC via the Epic Games Store. Players can also find the games on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and cloud versions on the Nintendo Switch.

Fans are already hoping for a Steam Deck experience, mods, and more with the Steam release. However, Square Enix did not confirm the exact pricing for any of Kingdom Hearts’ Steam versions, or the Integrum Masterpiece bundle.

In the meantime, Kingdom Hearts fans are also waiting for the fourth installment of the hit series. Square Enix has not confirmed very much about the next game, nor a release window. However, rumors from last April suggest Kingdom Hearts 4 could potentially release in 2025.

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    1. Exactly they’ve made people wait for too long the hype died after the trailer reveal years ago they never followed up and let it go cold for the flop FF7R and FF16 the other flop.

    2. They need something Square should have announced it this would help the stock and boost morale unlike what they did. If they feel KH won’t sell then it shows how out of touch they are.

  1. That re-recording was so much better than the song we got for 3. I still fear 3’s issues will carry into 4 the only thing that would have avoided this would be Verum Rex/Versus XIII would have preferred that and if KH was done justice instead of as Nomura’s revenge. I hope 4 can repair the damage 3 did go with the more anime look, less Disney, darker story, TWEWY finally, FFXV, and address the plot points also call Lea by his real name the whole Axel thing was so dumb and made Sora look stupid even when being corrected.

  2. What is the future of Kingdom Hearts? We have no idea about 4 which only had the 1 teaser in 2021 no hype behind the game and then no idea what comes next like are we getting a prequel, a in between title, a side story, Verum Rex, do we go straight to 5? Kingdom Hearts games should be coming out more frequent.

  3. They have a lot to answer for in KH4. Where’s Riku’s Nobody, are the BBS characters coming back because Sora isn’t in the realm of darkness so they don’t need to be there, who’s the girl Lea and Isa was supposed to find, Lauriam and Elrena will they be good and look for his sister, who is Demyx, what happened with the Foretellers, who is the master of masters, why did the master put them against each other and why train Xehanort, who’s Luxu really, what’s in the box, why’s Maleficent after the box, where’s Ava, why don’t Sora and Kairi remember the BBS events but Riku does, why does Sora ignore the fact Lea keeps telling him that he’s not named Axel, Cloud and Sephiroth, Zack, Verum Rex, who is Yozora, who is the Sora that Yozora knows, Luxord’s real name and tie to Yozora, is Yozora a nobody, is Yozora the nobody to Noctis or Riku, when will Sora finally meet the TWEWY characters again, will Oswald join, will Max Goof show up, Will FFXV be in KH4, what was young Eraqus and Xehanort’s upbringing like, and the Keyblade war we still haven’t seen it the students of the masters and Ephemer will he play a role moving forward. So much should have been a Switch or main console game instead of mobile.

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