One Year Later, Kick Has Added a Report Button

kick report button

It took an entire year, but Kick’s streaming platform has been updated with a feature that many think should have been one of the site’s first considerations – a report button. Since going live one whole year ago, has faced many controversies and scandals, often fuelled by racist, sexist, and downright bizarre communities and channels.

It’s on a huge downturn at the moment, viewership is dropping, and despite a few miraculous events – such as one streamer landing 800,000 peak viewers – it’s fading out of relevance across all social platforms.

But there’s now a report button, so that’s something.

That’s Right – One Whole Year

Although it was added to the platform on October 6th, ‘Kick Support’ on Twitter didn’t notify users of the change until the 16th of October. A simple tweet highlighted that users can now report streams that breach Kick’s ‘Community Guidelines’.

Before this change was made, the only way to report malicious streams was to email and provide enough information for them to look into your claim. Because was built in 2005, or something.

In a strange twist to the update, Kick stressed in the change notes that the platform ‘can get rowdy’ and highlighted that users wanting ‘total control over their environment at all times’ will have a tough time on Kick.

Are you still using Kick as either a creator or a viewer?

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  1. This hurts Kick they need to get more names like Jynzxi and sign exclusive deals get Amouranth and xQc to be exclusive.l

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