Kick’s Biggest-Ever Streaming Event Just Happened

stream fighters 2

Kick has found itself in hot water yet again in recent weeks, specifically following a controversy that has run rampant on social media platforms concerning Ice Poseidon. It’s a scandalous story that has implicated the platform’s leadership, and let’s just say that Kick’s representatives haven’t handled the situation very well at all.

But, in more positive news, the platform just saw its most popular streaming event ever take place, and it pulled in numbers that we’d more likely expect to see on the likes of Twitch. During ‘Stream Fighters 2’, which was hosted by a Colombian content creator, almost one million concurrent viewers tuned in to see streamers punch the snot out of each other in Bogota.

Creator Boxing Is Running Wild

In the last couple of years, the concept of ‘creator boxing’ has absolutely blown up. It seems that, almost overnight, the average content creator has burst onto the boxing scene and started racking up wins in the ring, transforming everything they’re about in one broad swing. It was back in 2017 that this concept kicked off, with the likes of KSI and Joe Weller starting a rivalry that culminated in a fight that was watched by millions.

It has become a bit of a joke by this point, though. There are new outfits and events surfacing with each passing month, and the pool of fighters is at times laughable at best. There are a few gems in the rough, but it really is a cash grab, for the most part.

There are some events that are an exception to that rule, though. On Kick, Stream Fighters 2 took place, and by the time the dust had settled, a peak viewer count of 808,000 users was recorded, with an average viewership of 544,500 users being secured. It was a monumental moment for the platform, and it showed that at least some of its creators are able to bring in a huge crowd when they put their minds to it.

It’s not a patch on Twitch’s events, though. This year, Ibai Llanos hosted his annual boxing event and pulled in a peak concurrent viewer count of 3.4 million users.

Will Kick reach those numbers? Perhaps.

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