Sea of Thieves is Finally Getting Single-Player Servers

sea of thieves

Sea of Thieves has been floating around since 2018 – and it’s still a seriously popular ocean-faring epic by today’s standards. It’s a charming and beautiful – and at times hilarious – pirate simulator of sorts that allows gamers to band up with their friends and sail a large, open world in search of booty, quests, and fame.

If there’s one thing many players have been asking for over the years, it’s the ability to sail those oceans without the fear of being disrupted by other players. It’s a ‘PvPvE’ game, and that means budding pirates must contend with AI-driven enemies just as much as they do human opponents, and that can make for a challenging and sometimes irritating experience.

But That’s About To Change

It was recently revealed that Season 10 of Sea of Thieves is on the horizon and preparing to set sail. It’ll be hitting Xbox and PC platforms the world over on October 19th, and a little later (in December 2023), players will be able to access an all-new mode called Safer Seas – which is being marketed as a ‘gentler introduction to Sea of Thieves for new players’.

In Safer Seas, pirates will be able to pursue solo adventures, complete some ‘Tall Tales’ and generally explore the wide, open world without worrying about players bursting into view and sinking them with a few well-placed cannonballs.

Seriously, some of these Sea of Thieves players are so adept at ship-on-ship combat, it’s a wonder there aren’t any SoT esports.

However, there are some caveats to this introduction. Firstly, players exploring the game on a Safer Seas server will receive fewer rewards and less gold, and they’ll face a ‘rank cap’ of 40 – which blocks them from unlocking various things.

Still, it’s a welcome addition – and what’s more, it’s entirely optional, so the regular, ‘High Seas’ players won’t be disrupted.

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