Is Starfield Coming to PS5?

is starfield coming to ps5

Starfield was announced way back in 2018, and on September 6th, 2023, it’s scheduled to finally make its grand debut. However, in 2020, Microsoft acquired ZeniMax, the parent company of Bethesda Game Studios, the developer behind the game. So, with that in mind, is this going to be another exclusive title or is Starfield coming to PS5 (and maybe even PS4)?

Will Starfield Be on PS5, You Ask?

Starfield is set to be the biggest game of the year, boasting near-infinite exploration, customisation, and base-building opportunities in a vast world built on a next-generation platform with an immersive story in mind. It has been hyped up for several years, and every so often, Bethesda Game Studios reveals a little more content that gets fans riled up all over again.

It is so highly anticipated, it’s unreal. There’s a monumental amount of pressure on Bethesda Game Studios to deliver, as this’ll be the biggest game that the developer has produced in almost a decade. It’s also the largest project that the legendary firm has undertaken, as there are reportedly more than 1000 worlds to explore in the vast universe of Starfield.

However, since Microsoft acquired ZeniMax – and all associated studios – in 2020, many PlayStation-based fans that like the look of Starfield have found themselves worried, constantly asking, ‘Is Starfield coming to PS5?’

Oh, There’s No Chance

It was revealed in 2022 that Sony was looking to negotiate with Bethesda Game Studios, seeking to make Starfield a PlayStation exclusive. Then, along came Microsoft to buy out the developer making it, and lo and behold, it became an Xbox exclusive.

What does that mean?

It means that, no, Starfield won’t be on PlayStation 5 – or PlayStation 4. Or even the PlayStation 6, whenever the next generation of Sony’s console technology emerges. It’s going to launch exclusively on Xbox and PC platforms, and it’ll never grace a PlayStation platform, which is a huge disappointment for gamers flying the blue banner.

There are expectations that from here on out, almost every major release from a ZeniMax-related company, like Bethesda Game Studios, will be exclusive to Xbox and PC platforms. That means that Elder Scrolls VI and Fallout 5 – whenever they actually emerge – won’t launch on any PlayStation consoles.

It’s sad, but that’s exclusivity for you.

Starfield is expected to launch on September 6th on Xbox and PC Platforms.

  1. It’s rather childish really. Release a game on all platforms (eventually – need to allow for time to polish each version) and you’d surely sell many more copies.
    Tying people down with exclusives harms gamers in general. PlayStation have started to port things to PC, but they are also being puerile and near-sighted by not allowing their titles onto other consoles.

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