Is GTA 6 Delayed? – Answered

Grand Theft Auto 6 Title
Image via Rockstar Games

To claim that Grand Theft Auto 6 cemented itself as one of the most anticipated upcoming games of all time following its reveal trailer would feel like the understatement of the century. Even today, many years later, Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online continue to pull in impressive numbers and revenue. It makes sense that we all want to see what’s next. But is GTA 6 delayed?

Was Grand Theft Auto 6 Delayed?

Believe it or not, quite the opposite. Recent rumors circulated that Grand Theft Auto 6 would launch in 2026 following a delay. However, Take-Two Interactive fully intends to launch GTA 6 in 2025, specifically during the fall period, most likely between September and November.

Before their insistence, most of us assumed a 2026 release date for GTA 6. It made the most sense, considering how long it takes to develop a game of this size and scope. Plus, there’s the simple matter of money. Take-Two and Rockstar continue to rake in loads of cash from GTA Online’s Shark Cards, netting them more than anyone can count—hundreds of millions of dollars.

What is the Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date?

We don’t know an official release date for the upcoming open-world crime adventure. As mentioned previously, Take-Two and Rockstar Games intend to launch GTA 6 in Fall 2025, which is still more than a year away. During that time, we could see a delay. We’ll likely receive an additional trailer or two, likely a cinematic and a gameplay trailer, along with a release date and pre-order information. But all of that takes time to happen and come together!

We’ll update you the moment we know more about the GTA 6 release date!

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