49% of UK Gamers Probably Won’t Buy GTA 6, Says Survey

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In a recent survey performed by Statista in collaboration with YouGov, it was revealed that 49% of respondents either won’t or aren’t sure if they will buy Grand Theft Auto 6 when it releases in 2025. This survey targeted gamers over the age of 18 in the United Kingdom, with 41% of respondents answering that they are ‘very/fairly likely’ to purchase Rockstar Games’ upcoming open-world epic.

It’s a Numbers Game

Grand Theft Auto 6 is widely expected to be the biggest game launch of all time. It has been more than a decade since the last Grand Theft Auto game was released, and the trailer that was released to announce GTA 6 properly in December 2023 was nothing short of monumental. It broke viewership records on YouTube and became one of the most talked-about topics worldwide for weeks.

In the recent poll hosted by Statista and published earlier today, it was revealed that 49% of respondents probably won’t buy the game.

In 2023, Statista performed a survey that revealed around 50% of the UK’s population to be gamers. In a number, that’s around 39 million gamers. That means there are around 19.5 million gamers in the United Kingdom with no interest in Grand Theft Auto 6. It’s worth stressing that this report is compiled from information gathered mere weeks before the trailer went live – it’d be interesting to see how the sentiment has changed following that being released.

Are you planning to buy Grand Theft Auto 6 the moment it becomes available?

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  1. I’ll wait for reviews from the players when the game launches on Steam. Keep in mind that the Rockstar cofounder and lead writer on every single major Rockstar game – Dan Houser left the studio and most AAA games after the pandemic have been absolute slops. Also they censored a bunch of lines in the GTA remake trilogy and I really, really hope this isn’t another Saints Row type of situation where the game removes all but the mildest and most inoffensive jokes and the dialogue is so bland that you forget about it instantenously. If they pull a similar debacle, I’m out.

    1. It’s going to be similar but maybe not as cringe the game may actually be able to play unlike saints 2022

    2. Oh it will be a ton of the staff have left already because they upset the easily offended staff. The brits have the right idea just don’t buy it let this game tank. If a woke GTA tanks it will be a wake up call.

      1. There aren’t “ton of staff”. The only key developers that left since RDR2 have been Laslow Jones, responsible for in-game creative audio and video content (who left because of family problems), Dan Houser, co-founder and Vice President of Creativity (who left to found another story consultation company called Absurd Ventures), Imran Sarwar, director of design at Rockstar North (who was fired bbecause of allegations from employees regarding harassment), and recently Micheal Unsworth, Vice President of Writing (who joined Absurd Ventures but still managed to work on GTAVI).

    3. The new Saints Row is quite terrible though I am unlike most people and I prefer 4 over the rest of the series

  2. I won’t either it just looks bad story wise. The couple story is a turn off it’s not what I want personally. Maybe when they eventually go back to Liberty City I get what I want a good game and heavy drill rap. A gritty game.

  3. Where’s the new Mafia that’s more important wasn’t it supposed to be shown by now?

  4. Half the UK population is struggling to keep a roof over their heads or eat at the moment. It’s not a huge shock that GTA isn’t a priority.

  5. Personally loved RDR but could not even get past the snow part in RDR2 as it was plain boring. Anyhow hopefully this is not the case for the next GTA game and they stay great games.

    1. Holy shit you missed out dude , it’s actually SAD how much you’re missing out on RDR2.

    2. If you’d persevered you would have played the greatest game that’s ever been made, certainly better than any of the GTA series and I like the GTA series.

  6. Gaming industry is worth $200 billion, I feel so sorry for Rockstar that only half of the planet want to buy this game, how will they cope???

  7. This is weirdly framed.. glass half empty kind of thing. I find it amazing that a quarter of the population will be buying the game.

  8. I’m just more concerned about their focus on the monumental cash cow of GTA:O. That they’re going to kind of side-line the campaign to ensure majority of resources go towards the multiplayer instead. Don’t forget how they cancelled Single Player DLC for GTA V in favour of stuff like Heists for the Online.

  9. Statistics are always funny, and the survey doesn’t sound that comprehensive. It’s going to be the best selling video game of all time and break the original GTA V record. Rockstar has literally never released a bad game other than their remakes.

  10. UK is a very small country on a global scale, rockstar will be alright.

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