When is the Borderlands 4 Reveal?

Borderlands 3 Claptrap
Image via Gearbox Software

The Borderlands franchise enjoys a long and, occasionally, bumpy history. Each iteration features lovable characters, cringeworthy dialogue, and frantic gunplay that keeps us coming back for more when paired with the extensive loot system. But we’re eager for a new release. When is the Borderlands 4 reveal?!

When Will Gearbox Reveal Borderlands 4?

It’s reported that publisher 2K Games and developer Gearbox Software intend to show off Borderlands 4 at the Summer Game Fest on June 7. Supposedly, the upcoming first-person shooter has spent the past few years in development. In March 2021, Randy Pitchford claimed they’re working on “the big one.” Obviously, this could mean a different franchise altogether or a completely new IP, but it’s most likely Borderlands 4.

To think 2K Games would ignore or abandon Borderlands would be foolish. The last release, Borderlands 3, generated a staggering $1 billion in sales. It’s a cash cow at this point, no matter how much people hate Claptrap.

Plus, the upcoming live-action film is set to sweep theaters, which will only boost the hype for the fourth mainline entry!

Will Claptrap Star in Borderlands 4?

Whenever I speak to anyone about Borderlands, they have one of two opinions regarding Claptrap. They either hate the incessant chatterbox, or they love his one-liners and jokes. It’s rarely in between. As such, I’m left questioning whether Borderlands 4 will feature Claptrap.

Is there a clear-cut answer right now? Unfortunately, no. We know so little about Borderlands 4, though I wouldn’t be surprised if Claptrap stars in the reveal trailer in June. Even if it’s just a cameo, I doubt they’d do away with their franchise mascot so easily.

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