Is Gray Zone Warfare Free to Play? – Answered

The tactical extraction shooter genre isn’t exactly known for its free-to-play offerings. As a still-presently niche genre, you must pay a premium price to gain access to such projects. But with the new kid on the block, does that change? Is Gray Zone Warfare free to play?

Can You Play Gray Zone Warfare Free?

No, unfortunately. You cannot play Gray Zone Warfare free, as it does come with a price tag. It’s not the most expensive standard edition in the tactical shooter genre by any means, but it’s a bit more than most will find comfortable.

That said, you can upgrade the standard edition to the more expensive game editions, up to $99 for the Supporter Edition, which features additional in-game content, including weapons, equipment, stash space, and clothing.

How Much Does Gray Zone Warfare Cost?

If you want to purchase Gray Zone Warfare right now while the game is in Early Access, remember that this is an early build. It’s full of bugs, glitches, and performance problems. But, hey, that’s part of playing a game in Early Access. More people must realize this before making a snap decision to buy into an alpha/beta game.

If you don’t mind the performance issues, then you can buy Gray Zone Warfare at a price point of:

  • Standard Edition: $35
  • Tactical Edition: $57
  • Elite Edition: $79
  • Supporter Edition: $99

It’s likely best to purchase the Standard Edition first. Then, if you enjoy the game and don’t have many issues with its performance, upgrade afterward. It’s important to note that if you opt to buy one of the more expensive editions, you cannot refund them!

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