What Are the Gray Zone Warfare Factions? – Answered

Gray Zone Warfare Rebels
Image via Madfinger Games

Like most tactical shooters today, GZW revolves around minimal storytelling to explain the reasoning behind your presence in a hostile zone. Instead, you’ll pick one of the three Gray Zone Warfare factions and then jump into Lamang to complete contracts. Of course, it’s all hush-hush stuff, but here’s what you need to know about being a PMC in this game world!

What Gray Zone Warfare Factions Can You Join?

When you first start playing Gray Zone Warfare, you must select one of three factions to join:

  • Lamang Recovery Initiative (LRI)
  • Mithras Security Systems (MSS)
  • Crimson Shield International (CSI)

Each faction features an objective and a touch of lore to help you become more immersed in the game world. For instance, the Lamang Recovery Initiative is a philanthropic group backed by tech funding to rescue survivors within the zone. The Mithas Security Systems, a PMC group run by former soldiers, accepts the toughest contractors and invests in its organization for better equipment and operators. Lastly, Crimson Shield International utilizes questionable methodology to complete its objectives, focusing on “the best of the best” operators in the field.

Can You Switch Factions in Gray Zone Warfare?

Unfortunately, the studio confirmed that once you select a faction in Gray Zone Warfare, you cannot swap factions until the next wipe. It’s said that a wipe will occur every six months, so you cannot join an opposing faction to play with a friend for that lengthy period.

As such, if you wish to play with a friend group, coordinate before hopping into the game and decide which faction you will all join. You can’t even group up with members of another faction, so consider that before wildly choosing any group!

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