How Many Players is Gray Zone Warfare? – Answered

Gray Zone Warfare Teamwork
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With a massive, persistent world to explore, Gray Zone Warfare promises an exceptionally dense and varied tactical shooter experience. But it’ll feel empty without the proper number of players in Lamang. So, how many players is Gray Zone Warfare?

How Many People Can Play Gray Zone Warfare Per Server?

You can expect each server in Gray Zone Warfare to host a total of 48 players, with 16 players per faction, in each round. Considering the overall size of the world map, Lamang, which is 42 km², 48 players doesn’t sound like a lot.

In the recent content creator playtest, one of the key gripes we saw from creators stemmed from the lack of player interaction and PvP. That said, none of them were playing in an entire server. Multiple playtest servers were live for the week, with most experiencing half-full games. Once Early Access goes live on April 30, when the floodgates genuinely open, we’ll likely better understand the game’s PvP and player interaction mechanics.

How Many Squadmates Can You Have in Gray Zone Warfare?

To start, you can join a squad of up to four players in Gray Zone Warfare. With 16 players per faction, that means four teams of four players each roaming the world on behalf of one of the three factions in the game.

That said, you may not need to run with a squad. Gray Zone Warfare primarily focuses on group play, with everyone working towards common goals for their faction. Plus, there’s a whole mess of social mechanics, like in-game VOIP, a messenger service, and a fleshed-out friends list feature.

However, if you don’t want to group up with random players or you don’t know anyone playing Gray Zone Warfare, there’s nothing wrong with playing solo. You aren’t forced into a group environment, and objectives prove approachable as a single player!

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