Is Gray Zone Warfare Coming to PS5? – Answered

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It’s rare to see a tactical shooter launch on consoles. The genre is more common on PC, where a mouse and keyboard allow us to utilize the numerous key binds necessary to play smoothly with squadmates. But console players deserve more from the genre. So, is Gray Zone Warfare coming to PS5?

Will Gray Zone Warfare Come to PlayStation 5?

Currently, Gray Zone Warfare launches on Steam Early Access on April 30. That’s the only place to buy and play the game for now. But that may change in the future. Developer Madfinger Games expressed interest in launching their tactical shooter on consoles in the future, along with full controller support for the game on PC.

Unfortunately, we cannot say when this will happen. The game will remain in Early Access for potentially several years as developers flesh out the world, contents, mechanics, and lore. It’s likely we’ll see a console release for Gray Zone Warfare after the PC Early Access period concludes.

You may want to find something else to satisfy the itch for now!

Does Gray Zone Warfare Have Controller Support?

Gray Zone Warfare will not offer full controller support upon entering Early Access. Someone within the community will likely create a custom mapping input using Steam’s generous tools for controllers, but official dev support won’t happen yet.

That’s not to say it won’t ever happen, though. Madfinger Games stated they intend to eventually unveil full controller support for Gray Zone Warfare. But with a tactical shooter like this, you’re usually better off playing with a mouse and keyboard. Why? Because there are so many key binds to consider!

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