Here’s What’s Included in Gray Zone Warfare Early Access

Gray Zone Warfare Tactical Insertion
Image via Madfinger Games

It’s always exciting when a new game releases in your favorite genre. In this case, the tactical extraction shooter genre, with Gray Zone Warfare. It promises to offer plenty of content, rivaling its competitors, but what’s included? Here is everything included in the Gray Zone Warfare Early Access!

What Does Gray Zone Warfare Early Access Include?

If you intend to purchase Gray Zone Warfare in Early Access, here’s what’s included in your purchase during this period:

  • Three PMC factions
  • 48 players per map
  • 16 players per faction
  • Expansive 42 km² Lamang
  • Tough-as-nails AI behavior, with hundreds of enemies per match
  • External and terminal ballistics
  • Innovative health system
  • Six vendors offering 150 quests
  • 80 equipable gear items
  • Eight customizable weapons
  • Character creation
  • Apparel customization
  • Squad system
  • Social features (VOIP, Friends List, and Messenger)

I’m a huge fan of any tactical shooter that tosses me into an expansive open world with fully customizable equipment, so Gray Zone Warfare remains one of my most anticipated shooters of the year!

How Much Does Gray Zone Warfare Early Access Cost?

If you don’t mind paying for a tactical shooter in Early Access, then whip out your wallet. Gray Zone Warfare’s Early Access period launches with four varying editions, which include different types and amounts of in-game content and will cost:

  • Standard Edition: $35
  • Tactical Edition: $57
  • Elite Edition: $79
  • Supporter Edition: $99

Is the game worth up to $99 to you? There’s a lot of additional content in the Supporter Edition!

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