When is the Next Gray Zone Warfare Wipe?

next gray zone warfare wipe

Like other extraction shooters and some open-world survival games with multiplayer elements, Gray Zone Warfare will undergo periodic wipes. These are platform-level resets that keep the game fresh, allow the team to introduce major updates, and put players back to a level pegging once every so often. In this guide, we’re looking at one key question: ‘When is the next Gray Zone Warfare wipe?’

The First of Many

Gray Zone Warfare was released into early access exclusively on Steam on April 30. It generated an immense buzz ahead of that date through creator-backed campaigns and solid marketing that helped the ambitious tactical FPS stand out among the crowd. It was revealed before the game’s release that it’ll undergo periodic wipes, but the schedule wasn’t outlined by MADFINGER Games, the developer.

So, when is the next Gray Zone Warfare wipe?

Presently, we don’t know. That information is yet to be shared by MADFINGER Games – but it will eventually come. It’s believed that the first Gray Zone Warfare wipe will land in sooner rather than later, to allow the team to deploy the first major update that’ll overhaul many of the game’s launch-based teething issues.

We don’t know when the next Gray Zone Warfare wipe is yet, but stay tuned – we will do soon.

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