Stellar Blade’s Eve Will Stare You Out For Admiring Her

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Stellar Blade was released on April 26, launching to quite a positive reception exclusively on PlayStation 5. It has proven to be a fan favourite, with players getting to grips with a post-apocalyptic world dominated by Naytibas, a ferocious and terrifying race hellbent on destroying the last remnants of humanity.

The game gathered traction long before launch mostly because of the appearance of the main character, known as Project Eve. She was modelled on a real-world South Korean beauty model, with ShiftUp – the game’s developer – pouring time and effort into making her perfect. Now, some users have discovered that admiring Eve for a little too long will lead her to break the fourth wall.

Are You Looking At Me?

On Reddit, one user uploaded a short video showing them manipulating the camera to admire Eve’s outfit from various angles. After a few seconds, Eve snaps her gaze down, staring directly into the camera and following it as it pans around, breaking the fourth wall and fully acknowledging that yes, she knows exactly what you’re doing.

Admittedly, this isn’t the first time that features like this have existed in games. It’s something that surfaced in Lollipop Chainsaw and NieR, among others. It’s usually tied to players attempting to force the camera into an angle to peer up a skirt or down a low-cut top, with the character they’re spying on reacting in some way that catches the player off guard.

It’s subtle, but it’s clever. Eve is watching – behave yourselves.

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