Is Escape From Tarkov Down? – Answered

Escape From Tarkov Factory
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

There’s nothing like a minor annoyance to put a damper on your day. Let’s say you want to hop in and play your favorite extraction shooter. You’re down for a round or two on Shoreline or Factory but receive an error or can’t log in. Is Escape From Tarkov down? Let’s uncover the problem!

Is Escape From Tarkov Down?

If you’re among the many affected by recent server outages in Escape From Tarkov, you’re not alone. Over the past 24 hours, countless thousands of players have been unable to connect. While the total number of affected users is certainly dwindling, with yesterday proving far worse for connection errors than today, it’s still a problem.

Most of the errors and issues lately stem from server connection interferences. But this is Tarkov, and, unfortunately, such connection issues have remained a problem since 2017. I can’t tell you the number of Factory raids I lost connection to back then!

Escape From Tarkov Game Aborted Error Occurring

Alongside the many connection issues plaguing the extraction shooter experience this week, many users report receiving the “game aborted” error in Escape From Tarkov.

To resolve this problem, you can try restarting your game, resetting your internet connection, or restarting your system entirely. However, none of these provide a guaranteed fix.

Reportedly, one solution to the problem is changing your in-game nickname. It’s a simple fix to a complex issue, and many won’t want to change their handle. It’s their brand and online persona.

If you’re exhausted from the connection issues in Escape From Tarkov, there are similar extraction shooters to scratch that itch!