Can You Play Grounded Solo? – Answered

Grounded Ally Hoops Character
Image via Obsidian Entertainment

Even if you have a massive friends list on your favorite gaming system, with someone always around and down to play, sometimes you just want to challenge yourself to a solo session. There’s nothing wrong with going at it as a one-person army. But can you play Grounded solo? Is it easier playing alone with the game’s difficulty scaling?

Is Grounded Solo Possible?

It is entirely possible to play Grounded solo if you don’t have anyone to join you in the backyard. Many of my in-game hours were played entirely alone, and I managed to work my way through much of the game’s story and zones without much difficulty.

However, I recommend playing with at least one other person. If you can find a partner or two, the game will be a much more entertaining and manageable experience.

Should You Play Grounded By Yourself?

There are numerous reasons why you may play Grounded alone, and there’s no wrong reason. You don’t owe anyone your time. If you want to play solo, then by all means.

Whether you can’t entice anyone in your friend group to buy the game, no one enjoys crafting-survival games any longer, or because they’re terrified of dealing with arachnids (tell them arachnophobia mode is a thing!), Grounded plays well solo.

Is Grounded Harder With More People?

Grounded features multiplayer difficulty scaling depending on how many people you have in a session. The more players in a game and the closer they are to an enemy you’re fighting, the more difficult the enemy is overall. Their max health, stun potential, stun duration, and damage resistance all scale.

This goes double for boss-type enemies. With four players in Grounded, a boss will have 3.0x the max health and 3.0x max stun but the same damage resistance.

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