What’s Included in the Dead Island 2 Expansion Pass?

Dead Island 2 Cooperative Gameplay
Image via Dambuster Studios

If you thoroughly enjoy a game, there’s nothing wrong with paying a bit extra for an expansion or DLC. If it’s reasonably priced, you’ll most likely receive your money’s worth from the additional content. With that in mind, what’s included in the Dead Island 2 Expansion Pass? Is it worth your time and money?

What Does the Dead Island 2 Expansion Pass Include?

Dead Island 2 doesn’t include the longest campaign or largest open world, though it’s still a lot of fun to explore and slay your way through the hordes of zombies in Los Angeles. However, with the game’s Expansion Pass, you’ll receive a bit more bang for your buck with additional adventures via story-based expansions.

If you buy the Dead Island 2 Expansion Pass, you’ll receive the following:

  • Haus – Major Story Expansion
    • Adds approximately 3 hours of additional gameplay.
  • SoLA – Major Story Expansion
    • Currently unreleased, it features a music festival setpiece to explore and fight through.
  • New Weapon
    • Katana
  • Character Pack
    • Additional character cosmetics.

The two “major” expansions, while on the pricier side if purchased standalone, don’t offer much gameplay. They do include new locations, weapons, and characters, however.

How Much is Dead Island 2 and its Expansion Pass?

Dead Island 2, without any additional content, will cost $59.99. The Expansion Pass is another $29.99. If you purchase the story expansions separately, they cost $12.99. Then, of course, you have multiple weapon packs and character packs with additional cosmetics to play around with, each of which costs between $2.99 and $4.99. Overall, this zombie-slaying adventure isn’t cheap.

That said, we often see titles release on Steam a year after an Epic Store exclusivity deal with a deep discount. I imagine we’ll enjoy a steep deal for Dead Island 2, though that’s unconfirmed.

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