How Much is Grounded on PS5? – Answered

Grounded Backyard Porch
Image via Obsidian Entertainment

It’s an exciting time in gaming when previously exclusive titles locked behind the competitor’s console finally launch elsewhere. We’re witnessing countless Xbox titles release on PlayStation 5, with Grounded and Sea of Thieves being the two biggest launches. Before you get too excited, let’s find out how much Grounded will cost on PS5!

How Much Does Grounded Cost on PS5?

If you’re keen on buying Grounded day one on PlayStation 5, expect to pay $39.99 without PlayStation Plus. If you’re a subscriber, you’ll receive a 20% discount, bringing the total for the game down to $31.99.

Grounded is an open-world survival crafting game with a lot of content, so you’ll easily get your money’s worth if the game catches your interest. The main story will take approximately 26 hours to complete if you focus on nothing but the primary quests, and then you have additional side content, exploration, and base building to consider.

Can You Pre-Load Grounded on PS5?

At this time, you cannot pre-load Grounded on PlayStation 5. There’s an option available to pre-order the game via the PlayStation Store for the prices mentioned above, but nothing about installing the game early.

On PC, the game requires 10 GB of space on an SSD, so it’s not a large download by any means. But that’s totally dependent on your internet connection and data caps.

If you’re among the many joining the Grounded fanbase with the launch of the PS5 version, we have a useful Beginner’s Guide to help you jump straight into the backyard!

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