Immortals of Aveum is Being Streamed Online Ahead of Launch

immortals of aveum leak

Hours ago, streams started surfacing online of Immortals of Aveum, the upcoming magic-fuelled FPS from Ascendant Studios and Electronic Arts. It’s being released tomorrow, August 22nd – so it’s about the time we’d expect streams like this to start bleeding out online, but Electronic Arts has been quick to bring the hammer down on those broadcasting gameplay.

Most recently, one YouTube channel titled ‘Kwasomierz’ managed to stream almost two hours of the game before being caught out by EA – the broadcast has since been stripped from the platform, but not before the community caught wind of it and started assembling early impressions of the game.

How Does Immortals of Aveum Look?

If there’s one driving concern regarding Immortals of Aveum, it’s how intense the game’s required specification is. It was revealed some time ago, and since the spec dropped, it has had PC players quivering in their gaming chairs.

It’s to be expected – this Unreal Engine 5 title boasts sumptuous graphics and mind-boggling visual effects that quite literally light up the entire room.

However, judging from comments being made on Reddit by viewers of the content leaked to YouTube by Kwasomierz, the community isn’t all that impressed by Immortals of Aveum. Here are some passing comments:

‘This game doesn’t have ‘must have’ feel to it … It’ll be a buy when it’s 20 or on Game Pass’

‘I mean, the rest of this year has a ton of great games. No room for a mid one and all this game has felt is mid since reveal.’

‘Looks like Ghostwire: Tokyo but better yet… Somehow boring.’

‘Seems like this game is going to flop. I see almost no marketing and it looks 7/10-ish.’

Immortals of Aveum will be released globally tomorrow, August 22nd – it’s up to the community to get their hands on the game and put it to the test, ultimately making up their own minds about it.

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