Starfield: Pay Your Mortgage and Absorb Alien DNA


Recently, a series of screenshots leaked from those playing Starfield on an early access basis, showcasing – amongst other things – the character creation screen and the traits and background elements that a player can pick ahead of playing the game.

There are plenty to choose from – and a player can select up to three traits (and a ‘background’) before they dive into the vast, open world of Starfield. There were a few that stood out in these screenshots, though – namely the ones that let you absorb Alien DNA and another that gives you a ‘luxurious, customisable house’ that you, unfortunately, owe mortgage payments on.

Starfield Is Borderline Life Sim

It is being said that Starfield is almost a life simulator, and there are many things that Bethesda Game Studios has included to flesh out the game that almost seem tongue-in-cheek for a first-person, open-world shooter. For instance, with the ‘Dream Home’ trait, players unlock a customisable house – but they must make weekly payments on that 125,000 credit mortgage that they own.

There are traits that align the player with certain religions, and there’s even an apparent need to help their parents deal with their retirement, keeping them in the money as the game rolls ever onwards.

There’s also a perk called Alien DNA – which reportedly allows the player to gain permanent boosts in certain areas, such as in various elements of their movement abilities or increases in health and oxygen. In total, there are seventeen dramatically different traits and backgrounds to pick from, and each background offers up a range of starting skills.

For the most part, this is information that we knew from the previous official Starfield showcases, but getting into the granularity of the perks and traits on offer is always an exciting prospect. It truly looks like Starfield will allow players to have whatever life they can possibly drum up.

Thanks to user zVisceral_ for the images on Twitter.

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